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tumblr scannie~

hello minna!. i was on hiatus for such a long time and i apologize for not updating my livejournal. btw minna, i dont know if there are people reading this but im goin to give it a try!.

problem found when i was away?.
as i checked my mediafire account, i found out that some of my links had gone missing. i dont know what has happened but i do think mediafire will delete off your files if its not being accessed for a certain period. it means, 90% of my scans links might have expired already. but when i clicked at the links that ive posted, its available but i cant see the files in my account. *blur*

how to solve this?
honestly, i dont plan to upload them once again unless there are requests from fans. uploading big files are troublesome and when it comes with a terrible internet connection, it will bring matters from better to worst. right now, since im spamming back my tumblr ccount, do check it out for some preview!. i might upload all scanned photos or few of them and you can grab them all!. so, it means you will save your time and my time as well. if you like and wish for more of that scans, you may comment on this post. i will get back to you as soon as possible. 

in the end.
i dont know how long will this method last. i just don like to upload my scans and it will be deleted off after a few months. its just not worth my time. at least when i posted in my tumblr, it will get reblogged and others would have the scans. this is what i think the best for us.

i guess thats all for now. i will be back again. happy stalking?. :)

as for Wed 23.01.2013, the mediafire links are still working but i dont know when it will expired. anyway, just grab the scans that you want before it goes missing as its already gone from my account.

intro post..

finally, finally ive removed some of my nonsense posts in livejournal.. it seems like i got a lot of time to update some of my arashi's scans in this site.. please read this post before adding me as a friend, requesting scans or anything related with it..

first of all, some of you might know me and some of you might not.. you may call me kiwie / kiwietoshi / kwee~ chan.. i dont have to post a lot of my details here since i already posted it in my LJ profile info.. do read it, if you wanna know me well??.. =D

some of you might stumble here because of arashi scans. i apologize if some of the scans post is not made for public which means you have to add me as friend.. although almost all of my post are public, please do comment on this post before adding.. i will only add back the person who commented on this post or chats with me .. sometimes, i will lurk around your LJ profile before adding.. if no updated entry or comments given are below than 100 comments, then i will not add you back.. *smiles* besides that, we can still talk about ONE PIECE here, right??.. LOL.

if you got any questions, you may send me a message but just make sure that you've enabled the message setting.. besides that, im more active in facebook.. you may add me in facebook, but with personal message stated there that you are an arashian.. i dont actually approve unknown people.. if you are more into tweeting zone, do add my twitter.. about my tumblr, i dont really blog much in there but i do reblog some of interesting posts.. you may add me in tumblr as well.. =)

thats all for now.. my brain seems blank and i cant get the words out.. i will post anything here once ive remembered back what i wanna share about.. =)

please read this.. (:

some of you might know that i was a frequent blogger in Blogspot. a few of you added my LiveJournal before i deleted my blog, thanks for that.. (: it means they can get the latest update about my cold fandom here in LiveJournal.. recently, i got an email from an arashian, asking me for my latest arashi's scans.. i was indeed, shocked because it was right after i deleted my old blog.. i apologized her for the late reply and sent her all the links that she wants.. the only difference inside the email was, i wrote something different for her reply..

i would appreciate it you dont hotlink or re-upload it.. no credits needed btw but it will be nice if you are using it.. 
yeap, i WROTE that. thanks to my best friend, izzatiheidfeld aka UCCHIE SENGAL for her brilliant advise.. she told me that everything that ive shared in the net belongs to everyone.. she was indeed right.. so, ive come up the intentions to blog this..

im going to talk about scans.. yeap, i did scan my arashi's photobooks.. some of it are in 'releasing' list.. some of them were in 'editing' list etc.. my internet speed is not good compare to others.. plus, i feel like, ive been made fool of the speed itself.. my time is kinda of packed which means that i wont have enough time to update about my fandom and assignments *plus arashi as well* for those of the readers who are waiting for my scans, be patient.. i will update inside this LiveJournal, malaysia_arashi ,and arashi_on 

this is the important part.. im sure that im not the only one who owns the books and scanner as well.. but at the same time i dont want some of the arashians send me a message and said that 'wheres my credit'.. fyi, i dont upload scans that not belongs to me.. strictly no sending me any nonsense message.. i hate 'wheres the credit' message.. this is not a request but i would again appreciate if theres no hotlink, re-uploading or do anything against the 'rules'.. i dont go for credit but i will be delighted if theres any.. no credit is ok, no worries.. i wont ban that particular person for not giving me a credit..

about uploading my scans, at first i was AGAINST this but i believe that some of the fans will not understand the real situation and ive come up with this special 'rule'.. those of them who wanted to upload my scans, you got to bear in mind that once you get caught by the authorities, thats the end of it.. i dont want to know what will happen to you as im not paying any concern regarding this matter.. please dont involve me if you got caught.. thats all my rants for today.

p/s : I DONT USE LJ CUT.. you got the right to remain silent.. i dont see the needs of you to tell me that LJ CUT IS AVAILABLE..

sho sakurai minimum series..

a little too late for this scans but since i got free time, heres the scans.. :]


password : shochan

file size is around 49 MB..

comments are loved..



hello hello!.. it has been a while since my last post in my LJ.. this semester really a tiring one. research, assignments, presentation and i was like : I GOT NO TIME FOR ARASHI!.. plus my new roomate is not into arashi as i do and i cant laugh like hell while watchin any arashi show.. PATHETIC RIGHT??.. *mumbling*

actually its quite early for riida's birthday release because its just 24 NOVEMEMBER 2011.. we still got like one more day to go??.. im not celebrating riida's birthday because im going a camping trip [4 days, 3 nights] somewhere in the jungle.. lol..

download link : MEDIAFIRE

password : ~SaTOsHiOHnO*

file size is around 35 MB..

comments are loved..



Arashi FC Pamphlet vol 49

no class for today!.. but its raining pretty heavily here.. btw, happy mooncake festival for those arashians who are celebrating it.. today, im going to release summer Arashi FC Pamphlet vol 49..

download link : MEDIAFIRE

password : summer

comments are <3


Arashi FC Pamphlet vol 48

since im heading back to my freaking hostel soon, im goin to share this.. today scan is Arashi FC pamphlet vol 48..

download link : MEDIAFIRE

password : spring

comments are <3


gosh, finally im done with part time work.. i know im ate to release part 3 and i apologize.. at the same time, i do think today LJ is kind of not responding as well.. >.<  besides that, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to JUN KUN!.. i will release jun minimum 2 soon.. (maybe next month since september is goin to be a hectic month too)

for part 1 and part 2, please click at the 'part' links..


password for KAZUNARI NINOMIYA file : nino

password for JUN MATSUMOTO file : jun

comments are loved..


today im going to release part 2 of this scans.. [please refer to this post for part 1]


password for SHO SAKURAI : sakurai

password for MASAKI AIBA : aiba

download links are in MEDIAFIRE..

comments are <3


One Piece coloured notes scans, ANYONE?..

 YES, IM A FAN OF ONE PIECE!.. lol, i dont need the caps btw.. i did some one piece coloured notes scans.. i scanned it because the pages are so kawaii.. anyone interested with it??.. 

sample photos are above.. ive scanned them in two qualities.. download links are mediafire..

Medium Quality

High Quality

comments are loved..